Sunday, 12 May 2013

Hamlet's Fool and the Cockpit Theatre

For those of you who aren't subject to my spamming of Facebook and Twitter every time I review something (you know you love it really...), on Friday night I headed down to the Cockpit Theatre in Marylebone to check out Hamlet's Fool on behalf of A Younger Theatre. The production was for the most part entertaining, with engaging and infectious storytelling from sole actor Peter Cutts; it had its weak points, no doubt, but his versatility and sheer enjoyment shone through and managed to create both laughter and poignancy in his rapid switching of roles, even though the script was a bit of a let-down in the final section. My full review can be found here if you fancy a spot of light reading on a Sunday afternoon:

The Cockpit Theatre is a great little find, too. On my first visit there I was struck by its relaxed atmosphere, created for the most part by the open and easy friendliness of the the staff. The front of house team were warm and welcoming, and a mixture of old and young theatregoers created a happy buzz in the bar before the show.

Jazz in the Round
Image credit: Cockpit Theatre
As well as visiting theatre companies, the theatre also plays host to a range of musical acts, from the "gypsy jazz" of Elements of the Hot Club, who provided post-show entertainment after Hamlet's Fool, to the 'Jazz in the Round' which takes place every last Monday of the month. Described as a "barrier-busting jazz/ contemporary music binge", it presents an array of soloists and bands and looks to be a great way to spend an evening without breaking the bank!

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